Demo v2.1 Is Released!

Hello Papas!

We did it! Tarot: Theo's Quest (beta) v2.1 is finished! What's v2.1, you ask? Well, let me tell ya: It's pretty close to the final build. How close? We hope to release in 2-3 months . . . so it's that close. 

To celebrate, we're releasing a much-needed updated demo! We hope you like it.

Have you played the demo before? Did you at least moderately enjoy it? Make sure to give this version a spin! We've improved the character art and animations, polished the cutscenes, increased player interactions throughout, slightly tweaked the battle stats, added tooltips to help define the stats during duels, added a few accessibility options, made the AI a bit smarter, and more!

Take care, and stay safe. With love,

Daniel, Mark, and Appa ~ Appa's Papas


Demo v2.1 Win 59 MB
Mar 17, 2022
Demo v2.1 Mac 64 MB
Mar 17, 2022

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