Patch v1.0.3

Hey Papas!

First official patch. I unfortunately had to remove the old Windows installer completely and upload this new one. From now on, though, it should only update that file (fingers crossed).

v1.0.3 is here!
This patch adds some much-needed bug prevention measures. Also slightly tweaks battles (% chance to activate present increased to 60%) and adds a line by the librarian to point players to the stat screen during spirit duels. 

If you have the Windows version: uninstall and reinstall the new version. For Mac, simply replace the file. 

Have fun!

Daniel ~ Appa's Papas


Theos Quest v1.0.3 Win 84 MB
May 31, 2022
Theos Quest v1.0.3 Mac 90 MB
May 31, 2022

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